About Mark Coulter

Mark Coulter was a Computer Programmer with almost ten years of experience, when he became a stay at home dad. His children were all teenagers when he and his wife fostered her six nieces and nephews. The needs of the new family required time with many ongoing medical and dental appointments in addtion to his wife being deployed with the Navy. Now that those needs have been met and deployments are over, it is time for Mark to return to his chosen career.

Mark likes learning and doing new things. He enjoys creating or "making stuff" be it woodworking in his garage or working on his Jeep. He finds joy in creating which is why he enjoys computer programming. Sure programming is not tangible like building a bookcase, however the satisfaction of completing a project is just as real.

Even while Mark was away from his career of choice, he kept working with computers as a hobby. He has several websites he developed and maintains. He has worked on an aquarium light timer based on the Arduino micro-controller and finally has added a Raspberry PI to his collection.

About This Website

The design for this site is for it to resemble a resume. Even though It will not show my resume.

I plan on using no images or limited use of images. I like the fast response time obtainalbe without images. Currently there are no images. One big exception would be, adding a photo gallery. It is kind of hard to have a photo gallery without images.

One source file for both the desktop and mobile displays. CSS should handle this task. I like to develop websites that look acceptable without any CSS. That way if for any reason the page loads and the styling does not get applied, the site is still usable. Multiple CSS files is where the magic behind the presentation happens, at least at one time.

This site gives me a place to brush up on my coding skills and show off a little. If I just needed to brush up on my skills I could do that on a local machine, but then you would not be here reading this.

Thank you for sticking around this long!