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As I work on the back end of this website, I may or may not add much content here. I will be updating my #2500Challenge (Monday - Friday) on Facebook. Follow along at Facebook where you can read all my updates (posts).

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- by Mark Coulter June 28th, 2016 08:09 AM

Released To The Wilds Of The Internet

Is it done? No. Is it ready? Probably not. But I wanted something besides Hello World. What it is... it is basically finished. Most of the needed work left to do is in the style sheets and the back end which you will not see anyway.

The two issues I have are how to handle pagination and <aside>. The <aside> is more pressing which should be fixed with the style sheets. The pagination will be creeping up on me as I write more articles and will require more coding.

- by Mark Coulter June 28th, 2016 07:37 AM

The 2500 Challenge

The 2500 challenge is to submit your resume or job application to a different company (or job posting) each a day Monday thru Friday for 50 weeks, with a two week vacation. The challenge ends when you start working or hit 2500 submissions. How many people will find employment before the end of the challenge?

June 16th, 2016 I submitted my first resume/application for the challenge.

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- by Mark Coulter June 16th, 2016 11:11 AM

Sitting at a Crossroads

I find myself sitting at a crossroads in the development of my personal website. My intention was a very stripped down basic content management system, used for only occasional updates and showcase my coding skills. Since the launch of my job search I have been writing everyday. This has gotten me to think more about my goals or purpose for developing my website.

I have always enjoyed looking at people's 365 day photo projects. That is where they take at least one photograph a day for a year. One of the goals of the project is gaining knowledge and familiarity with their camera. This has inspired me to start my own 356 day project, only I will be writing a blog everyday. (Hmm? both?) Just as I am writing this a thought popped into my mind. Why not do both? Well back to the topic on hand.

The crossroad I am at is this, if I am going to write everyday, would be better to use an existing program such as WordPress to manage my articles and allow comments? There are a handful of top notch programs available.

As usual you can comment at Facebook and check back for part 2 of Sitting at a Crossroads.

- by Mark Coulter June 16th, 2016 09:42 AM

Mark's Job Search Tips

I am in no way a professional career counselor, job coach, or whatever they are called. This is intended only as a summary of what I have done, as of the date I am writing this I am still unemployed. Wait let us not use that word, how about using without employment. Unemployed seems so dark and dreary, it important to keep positive. A positive attitude is key to your success. Now lets move on to the list.

Technology has crept into every aspect of our lives. Every where we turn it is in our face. In our face, oh Facebook! Social Networking is huge, it is every where. Be aware that many if not most companies will look at you social networking pages. It is what it is, live with it. NO use to your advantage! So should I go back and delete a bunch of stuff? I do not know, I not going to. I beleive that those of you in my audience are not radical enough to scare aware potential employers. Here is what I am doing with Social Networking.

  1. Get a hair cut and a shave, for several reasons. First it looks more professional; I feel more professional; I can update my profile pictures.
  2. Update you resume, you are going to need it very soon.
  3. Write several personal biographies.
    1. Me in thirty seconds; My elevator speech. 150 - 250 words, think twitter sized.
    2. A short biography. Around 500 words.
    3. A professional biography, get a little long winded. Think author's biography found in the back cover of a book. A page or more long.
  4. If you do not already have accounts on the following websites, get them!
    1. Linkedin
    2. Indeed
  5. 5. Check/search job listing Monday - Friday, every morning. Remember the positive attitude? Add to that professional attitude. You/we are looking for employment are we not? Taken on your search with a positive professional attitude make a difference? I beleive it will. Busy in the morning, no problem, pick a time and make a appointment with yourself. Now you will be ready for you interview... good luck!

I have done all this? NO! I am still working on my biographies.
Is this all that there is to do? NO! This is just what I have done.
Are Linkedin and Indeed the only websites to register on? NO! I have accounts on Facebook, Twitter, USA Jobs, and Careerbuilder.

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- by Mark Coulter June 15th, 2016 09:48 AM

Career Builder and Quick Apply

This morning I pointed my browser over to Indeed. First job posting in the list sounds promising or interesting. Either way I clicked on the link and up pops the job listing on Careerbuilder a completely different job search site. After reading about the job posting I signed up and uploaded my resume to Careerbuilder, and applied for the job. Now here is where my question comes from... The website has a feature called Quick Apply. You are presented with a list of job postings that Careerbuilder matched to you. Part of that list is a button to Quick Apply to all Quick Apply matches. The purpose, they say, is to get you in contact with more companies. I clicked on it and it submitted my resume to 31 companies, however I wonder... (think, think, think) in the overall scheme of things how productive is this really is?

Does blasting your resume out to scores of companies really help in a persons job search? Okay, blasting and scores are pretty strong words, my resume was sent out to only 31 companies and the Careerbuilder website matched us up. If I would have individually looked at each posting and only applied to posting I selected the number would have been much lower, in the single digits. So does this kind of exposure work better than targeted exposure? Let me know what you think.

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- by Mark Coulter June 14th, 2016 08:18 AM

The Job Search Begins

  1. Get motivated! I am motivated, my Jeep needs parts! (there is more motivation than that, really)

  2. The first step, get a shave and a haircut. I have my haircut every few months, cut really short as in a buzz cut. I call it a get up and go hair cut, it is easy to care for "just get up and go". But my beard has been growing for two years now, it was a little tough to say goodbye to... next!

  3. Now to update my resume. I registered on Indeed and Github. I updated and/or added my resume on-line... check!

  4. I updated my profile picture on my social media sites, remember the shave and haircut: Linkedin, Indeed Resume, Github, Facebook, and Twitter... done!

  5. All done, now just sit back and wait for the job offers, NOT! It time to start submitting my resume to potential employers and start networking... started!

  6. I have had my own domain for many years. The last few years it I just parked it at my register. Need to get that changed and updated; time to create my own Personal Profession Website... a work in progress!

  7. Release my Personal Profession Website to the world. Add the source to Github, and continue to update(polish) my website... waiting for the css to be finished.

It is a little daunting re-entering the job market after so many years. I have so many questions running through my mind; are my skills still relevant, will any company be interested in me after not working for a few years, what do I qualify for, these are just a few of my worries. Am I worrying for nothing or do I have valid concerns?

This is cross-posted on my Facebook page, please comment there. I would like to here your thought on this subject.

- by Mark Coulter June 13th, 2016 04:26 PM


My name is Mark Coulter. Join me on my job search. Who am I? Good question, check out my bio in the side-bar and check my social media links.

Thank you, for showing interest here and reading this far.

- by Mark Coulter June 13th, 2016 03:28 PM